We do not consider ourselves successful unless you are successful. Our goal is to deliver quality content that gives you exactly what you need to make a lasting impression on your audience.



Founder &

Director of Photography

Before becoming a full time filmmaker, Grant ran many marketing initiatives for high tech companies in San Francisco before fully realizing his true entrepreneurial calling. Within his current work, he leverages his professional marketing experiences to produce effective content for successful marketing projects by putting himself in the mindset of the content viewer.

Grant has been taking photos and videos for as long as he can remember, but he didn’t call himself a true photographer until he took a high school film photography class where he learned to trust his natural intuition and run with his individual creativity within. From that moment on, he honed in on his craft, challenged himself to push his abilities into video, and took this passion to new heights utilizing the latest aerial drone technologies.


Shortly after receiving his FAA drone pilot’s license, Grant started Kinsey Productions with the goal to help businesses improve their digital content by generating high quality photo and video from the ground to the sky. 

"I love to create. I love to inspire. I love what I do." - Grant Kinsey